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Jet Kit for Utility and Sport ATV

  • On some modern engine and airbox designs, individual filters and proper jetting offer no performance improvement and compromise drivability; Stage 3 kits are not available in such cases
  • Designed for ATVs with stock or mildly modified engines using well-designed stock or aftermarket exhausts with a modified airbox and a stock or replacement air filter
  • For applications where individual air filters cannot be installed and where airbox modifications improve overall engine performance
  • Designed for ATVs with stock or mildly modified engines using individual air filters and a stock or aftermarket exhaust
  • Fully adjustable to allow for the use of well-designed aftermarket exhausts and stock replacement air filters
  • In most cases, power increases of 10-15%; drivability may be compromised in short-stroke high-rpm motors
  • Designed for ATVs with stock engines using the stock airbox, air filter and stock or aftermarket exhaust
  • Power increases of approximately 5% throughout the entire power range
  • A power increase of 8% can be achieved in most cases
  • Improve throttle response and drivability

  • KAWASAKI KVF 650 I 4X4 AMERICA 2006 2013 KAWASAKI KVF 650 I 4X4 AMERICA 2006 2008